2019 Forecast Year of The Empress


2019 heralds the energy of The Empress, card 3 of the Major Arcana of the Tarot, corresponding to the Universal Number of 3 for this year. A Universal 3 year brings growth, creativity, and change, and, like the Empress, the opportunity to harvest the wheat from the seeds planted last year.  2018 had many astrological retrogrades, and was overall an introspective year, governed by the High Priestess, who rules observing, watching and waiting. The year of the Empress is more action orientated, and brings with it more socialising and a deepening of the nurturing aspects of our relationships.  If relationships have lost this quality, now is the year to revitalise them.  You may also acknowledge that you may have outgrown some relationships and it is time to move on from them (remember, 3 is about growth).  The Empress is the Mother Archetype of the Tarot, so this is the year to bring your dreams into creation, and to focus your energies on what you are birthing as projects.  Exciting times are ahead!

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