Your personal soul lesson year: a journey through the tarot

Did you know that each major arcana card from the tarot represents a significant soul lesson? At each birthday, your numerological current year changes, and with that, a new soul lesson begins. Tarot archetypes holds a deep well of wisdom. Knowing your current personal year in tarot empowers you for the growth and opportunities ahead!

So, how do you calculate your current tarot year? First, start by adding together the numbers in the full date of your last birthday. For example, Sarah’s last birthday was 9 December 2018. We add 9 + 12 + 2018 = 2039. Next, reduce to 2 digits. 2 + 0 + 3 + 9 = 14.

If your number is between 2 and 21, that is the number you will use. If it is greater than 21, add the final two digits together to get a single number. Sarah’s final number in this example is 14. Sarah’s personal Tarot year is Temperance. For mathematical (and cosmic) reasons, The Fool 0 and The Magician 1 are not included as current years.

Here are the numbers in relation to your personal tarot year:

2. The High Priestess A year to develop your inner wisdom and intuition, connect with the sacred feminine energy, and learning to see beyond the obvious or physical world. Much is to be discovered on the inner planes in a High Priestess year.

3. The Empress A year of growth, abundance, and stepping out socially. You may give birth to new projects, new ideas, or even a child! Embodying the Empress inspires us to nurture ourselves and others with love and beauty.

4. The Emperor An Emperor year calls you to learn how to manage authority, both your own and other people’s. Used wisely, this is a powerful year for developing independence and leadership and putting plans into action. This is a year in which old power struggles may finally come to a head and be resolved.

5. The Hierophant The year of the Hierophant asks you to examine your beliefs, both spiritual and psychological. Associated with formal spiritual doctrines, you may be drawn to spiritual study with an organisation or teacher. Traditional learning and large institutions are also associated with the Hierophant.

6. The Lovers A year of The Lovers is focused on relationships, the quality of those relationships, and embracing matters of the heart. The Lovers also asks us to examine our values and to be true to ourselves.

7. The Chariot The Chariot calls for you to take the reigns in your hands and deal with life assertively. This is a year for developing will power and self belief, and sticking to your course of action in the face of challenges. Travel may be on the cards this year!

8. Strength Strength is a year for developing your inner strength in relation to your emotions and thoughts. As you master self control this year, you learn to master your life.

9. The Hermit The Hermit is a year of deep reflection and (where possible) fulfilling a need for solitude and personal space. Meditation, yoga and self reflection are all activities recommended during the year of the Hermit. This is a year where you can enjoy time away from the day to day world.

10. The Wheel of Fortune The Wheel of Fortune is also known as the Wheel of Karma, and is a reminder to us of “what goes around comes around.” Cycles involving the past may present themselves for closure. This is also a year of opportunities, and using your intuition to “go with the flow” and ride the waves of cosmic change.

11. Justice The year of Justice asks that you look at issues of fairness in your life. Higher spiritual law is also a feature of this year, as you come to realise the law of cause and effect. Legal or organisational issues may also feature in the year of Justice.

12. The Hanged Man The Hanged Man asks us to view life through a different lens. In the card, the man hangs from the tree, and his vision of the world is therefore altered by being upside down. This is a year that may feel like it is on pause, but used wisely, is a welcome respite from old routines and a chance to reinvent your perspective.

13. Death Not a literal death, the Death year asks us to examine what must end in our lives to make way for the new. A Death tarot year does not cause endings in itself, but anything “past its use by date” may expire this year, perhaps painfully, but ultimately for your higher good. Remember, as one door closes, another opens.

14. Temperance This is the year to achieve balance, both in your physical world and also internally. It is a year for moderating extremes and enjoying the contentment and peace that comes with taking the middle road. Learning to manage your energy so that you avoid depletion is a key element of this year.

15. The Devil The Devil asks you to connect with your shadow self and examine what unhealthy patterns are holding you back. The Devil rules addictions and asks you to look at addictive patterns in relationships and other areas of your life. It is also a good year to accept the parts darker of yourself you have shut off and work on psychological integration.

16. The Tower The essence of the Tower is transformation, and with that comes change. Old ways of life may be dismantled to make way for the new. Events may unfold suddenly or you may have sudden revelations of your own. This is a year to ride the energy of change and make the best of situations as they unfold, as life this year may be hard to predict.

17. The Star The Star is a year of renewal and peace. It is a time for reconnecting with things that matter to you, and recovery from more turbulent times. It offers hope and respite and a sense that life can be good again. Learn to trust life more this year.

18. The Moon The Moon governs the tides and cycles, and this is an excellent year for tuning into your own internal rhythm and paying more attention to your subconscious. The Moon is associated with the Mother Archetype, so issues relating to your mother or mothering may surface this year. Astrologically, the Moon is also associated with the past, so memories may be a feature of a Moon tarot year.

19. The Sun The Sun represents success and vitality and this is a fabulous year for celebrating success. The Sun also relates to our inner child, so connecting with activities that bring your joy will pay off this year. Cultivating an optimistic mindset and engaging with life is a feature of this year.

20. Judgement The Judgement year indicates a cross roads and is a time for examining issues that have long been buried. It is a year for self honesty and making long term decisions that will benefit you for the higher good.

21. The World The World is a year of completion, and you can celebrate achievements and the ending of important cycles of your life. The World asks that we deal with any unfinished business and provides opportunities for closure. The World is also associated with travel.

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