In the Dark of the Moon February 2019

We have a New Moon in Aquarius on February 5th, 10am New Zealand time!  New moons are wonderful for new beginnings and Aquarius brings insight into matters of fairness, justice, and thinking outside the square.  But something is amiss.  You may feel feel a nagging, anxious sensation, almost like the quiet before the storm.  That feeling, my friends, is Black Moon Lilith…..

Black Moon Lilith creates a dark shadow, a place where we have clouded vision. On this New Moon, Lilith is conjunct the Moon, Mercury and the Sun.  As Black Moon Lilith and Mercury merge energies, we have problems with communication, getting the wrong idea, and are more easily fooled by scams and “fake news.”  This transit with Mercury is particularly intense from 5th to 8th February and will end around the 11th.  Be very careful of misunderstandings and receiving the wrong information (or interpreting the wrong meaning) during this period.  The effect of Black Moon Lilith on the Sun is an undermining of personal confidence.  This may result in more extreme behaviours from people whose ego-selves feel threatened. The advice here is – don’t take it personally.

Black Moon Lilith can also trigger deep fears and insecurity. Combined with a New Moon, this provides a fertile ground for old fears to be triggered by new events.  The advice is to shed the reasoned light of Aquarius on them.  If you have your natal chart, look to see where Aquarius is in your chart, because that’s the house where Black Moon Lilith will be activating. You can purchase your personal report if you don’t have one.

The best response to these energies is to go within, retreat from energetic overload, and listen to your quiet inner voice.  It is an excellent time for journalling, vision work, and connecting to your higher self.



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