New Class – Beginners Astrology

Learn the ancient art and science of Astrology to explore your own birthchart. This 6 week course focuses on chart interpretation, from a psychological and spiritual perspective.  Using your own birthchart, you will learn about Houses, Planets, Signs, Elements and Aspects.   The course includes full notes and membership of a closed facebook student group.

This course will be on Zoom (video link online) starting Saturday 9 May, 1 – 3pm New Zealand time.

Full course $250.  $50 (non refundable) deposit required to confirm enrolment.


Astrology class deposit to confirm enrolment




6 Week Beginners Astrology complete course



Astrology class remaining payment. If you have already paid $50 deposit, please select this option to pay for the remainder of the course.



Tarot Classes resume later this year.


I loved loved loved Fleur’s Tarot course for beginners!  It was fun, informative and well planned. Fleur’s passion, knowledge and natural ability for tarot is undeniable. I would highly recommend this course for anyone who has an interest in tarot. Kerri O’Sullivan December 2019

I have just finished a 6 week introduction course with Fleur. I loved attending each week to learn the teachings given by Fleur. I also loved the energy of the group when we worked together. Fleur is a wonderful teacher and has a very intuitive relationship when working with Tarot. The knowledge we gained each week was very well structured and presented which allowed us to go away each week and explore our own connection with the cards deeper. I thoroughly recommend to anyone who is interested in learning more about the Tarot.  Joanna Buckingham October 2018

Really enjoyed the course. Was nervous at the beginning of the course but the atmosphere was warm and inviting. Loved learning how to read the cards and now am confident to do some readings on my own to my family and friends. Sharrie MacArthur February 2019

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