FAQs – Reading guideline

Should I book a 30 minute or a 1 hour reading?

My tarot skills provide detailed information quickly. I can usually address one major issue in a 30 minute reading.  If you have more than one issue (eg. your job and your relationship) I suggest you book 1 hour.

I want to make a major decision – how does it work?

My tarot readings scan the energy of current and future situations. This can be multi faceted. We all possess free will and I encourage clients to use it.  Armed with the knowledge revealed by the Tarot, the decision is yours to make.  Sometimes it is a clear decision, sometimes it is complex, sometimes it is easy and sometimes it is hard. Remember, without free will, there can be no karma.  Decisions are up to you and it is the intention of my readings to empower you to make wise decisions.

How long does a Tarot reading apply for, and when should I get another?

In general, readings are valid for 3 months.  It is completely up to you when you wish to get another reading. I would suggest getting another reading when something in your life changes, or for a different topic.   If you ask the same question and nothing has changed, you are likely to get the same cards – true story.

What do you specialise in?

I aim to deliver accurate and realistic readings grounded in practical advice. The Tarot is an ancient tool and it spans the complete psychology of human experience.  I aim to tell the truth sensitively.  My readings are frequently about exploring relationship dynamics, both romantic and family, and jobs and employment.  For ethical reasons, I do not answer questions regarding specific illness or medical symptoms, please see your health practitioner if you want guidance in this area.







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