Plant Potions

Plant potions, also called Flower essences, contain the healing patterns held by plants contained in water.  Potions are taken in dropper form, to bring emotional healing.  Every flower and plant resonates to a specific emotional state.   I have my own range of essences, Anam Cara Essences.  I also stock essences from international suppliers.

Essences can also be blended in combinations for personal use.

Potions are listed below.  They are powerful in single form, or they may be taken as a blend.  Please contact me if you wish to order a blend or place an international order.

Anam Cara Essences

Single flower potions

Ingredients: flower essence, water, brandy (preservative)

White Magnolia Potion, includes postage (NZ only)



All that has passed, can be released. New hope, new day, new dawn.”

White Magnolia offers hope and renewal after a difficult period. Cleansing, absolution, as one cycle ends and another begins. Knowing that all that has passed may now be laid to rest without regret.  Transforming sad endings into important and beautiful teachings.  Inspires hope for new beginnings and new cycles of life.

Pink Magnolia Potion, includes postage (NZ only)



Know that it is safe to love, and love is a great reward.

Pink Magnolia encourages a person who has experienced loss or betrayal to trust and love again.  Heart healing brings the ability to open one’s heart to beauty, love, and what your heart desires. Experience the beauty and joy of life with an open and trusting heart.

White Hebe Flower Potion, includes postage (NZ only)



Remain free of negativity and keep your spirit positive.”

White Hebe softens harsh and judgemental mental states, and is especially protective when dealing with the harsh energy of others.  Relieves agitation, negativity and encourages calmness and co-operation.

Dublin Bay Rose Potion, includes postage (NZ only)



“Follow your heart without fear”

Dublin Bay Rose offers courage and confidence. Harness the power of self belief with passion, power and integrity. Useful in overcoming timidity, apathy and lack of self-belief.  Strengthens the heart and base chakras.

White Primula Potion, includes postage (NZ only)


Focus on the gifts you already have, on the here and now, with a clear and contented mind.

White Primula encourages appreciating the existing pleasures of your life and holding activities close to your heart. Useful for people who are constantly striving due to discontentment, and for people who are unable to appreciate the existing beauty in their lives.  Experience contentment and joy from attending to the current activities of your life, rather than wishing you were somewhere else.

Pink Freesia Potion, includes postage (NZ only)


Be open to receiving the sustenance of life – of love, joy and pleasure.”

Pink Freesia encourages opening to the sweetness of life, and being open to giving and receiving. Stimulates the heart chakra and third eye, and acts as a bridge between these two chakras. Enjoy the warmth of life, and open to joy without fear.

White Freesia Potion, includes postage (NZ only)


Go forth with intentions held high in the springtime of the soul.”

White Freesia opens to new possibilities, rising above negative vibrations with purity of intention.  Assists with patience and faith in events unfolding in divine timing rather than an expected order. The yellow centre of the freesia flower corresponds to the solar plexus, and the predominant white corresponds to the crown chakra.  White Freesia promotes the relationship of these two chakras working in harmony for divine will.  Actions are guided by faith and higher powers.

Blue Iris Potion, includes postage (NZ only)



Trust in yourself and your inner truth.”

Blue Iris brings the gifts of clarity, wisdom and connection with your inner truth.  Corresponds with the third eye and throat chakras, and works to strengthen your inner knowing and personal integrity.  Useful for making important decisions and seeing a situation clearly.

White Camelia Potion, includes postage (NZ only)


The window to the past is opened, the past is valued for what it was and what it has now become.”

White Camellia offers peace and closure with the past.  Acts to purify auric energy, and soften memories. Releases regret, and puts the past into perspective. Useful for someone who is unable to let go of negative past events. Aligns with divine feminine energy and is particularly useful in mothering or childhood wounds.  Enables someone to view the past with respect and to recognise the hidden value of past events.

White Delphinium Potion, includes postage (NZ only)



The message from White Delphinium comes to you when you have endured a harsh experience. Know that this experience does not dim your light. Move beyond the energies of people that seek you harm. Restore yourself, honour the positive side of your gentle nature and know that sensitivity is a gift. Know that when you follow the purity of your path, you will find joy. Do not take another’s harsh words to heart. Useful in times of recovery from harsh words, breakups and sorrow.

Pink Camelia Potion, includes postage (NZ only)


Give yourself permission to enjoy life.”

Pink Camelia recaptures the joyous innocence of the inner child. Connect with your inner child to engage with fun and pleasure without guilt. Seek pleasure and love in what you choose. Pink and yellow restore the link between the heart and solar chakras.  Excellent for individuals who are weighed down by adult responsibilities, or have forgotten how to laugh and have fun.

Frilly Camelia Potion, includes postage (NZ only)


Frilly Camellia – Healing Body Image

“Acknowledge your beauty and heal old wounds”

Many of us receive shameful messages about our physical appearance throughout our childhoods, and in toxic relationships.  The layers of this frilly pink camellia work to remove the layers of negative conditioning so that you may blossom with the beauty of who you really are. Useful for negative self talk in relation to body image, feelings of not fitting in due to appearances and societal expectations, heals shameful feelings from the past.

Flower essence treatment bottle

Customised blend of essences for emotional support


Essences Testimonials

I have known Fleur for several years and I am delighted to experience the Anam Cara flower essences Fleur has made from her garden. I have been working with many vibrational essences for the past 15 years and can feel the purity, gentleness, and powerful messages from the Anam Cara flower essences range. I love the powerful synchronicities that have come from experiencing each essence to date. I also have seen this with my family and my clients that have experienced them. Fleur has a special connection to the plant kingdom and earth and it’s wonderful to experience the messages and healing energies that come from each essence. I particularly love Blue Iris, Pink Magnolia and White Camellia and have noticed the divine energies of these flowers for myself and my family. I look forward to connecting my clients to this beautiful range of essences.  Joanna Buckingham, September 2018

Fleur is a very special and intuitive lady and she has helped me with my grief. Her flower essences work gently to help you release what you need to. J Ustin, October 2015

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