Due to Covid 19, all readings are currently done via video link – on Skype or Zoom.  Zoom is easy to use, I send you a link for your appointment, and you do not need to download anything.

Please check the international time difference if booking a reading from overseas.

Readings are scheduled within 3 to 4 days, but same day readings are unavailable. Please indicate your preferred days and times on the booking form below.

See Readings FAQs guidelines

Book a 1 Hour Reading $100 NZD

Book a 30 Minute Reading $50 NZD


I had a reading with Fleur, I was amazed at what came up. It was very very accurate. Will definitely be back. Also everything was very well explained. Thank you so very much! Andrea Baumann, January 2019

Excellent reading again from Fleur, lots of guidance and information to help me think through some current issues and help my understanding around these. Fleur has such a friendly manner in how she does readings. I would highly recommend Fleur. Jo Van Trigt, September 2018

Very impressed with both readings I have had with Fleur. Absolutely accurate both times. Awesome woman!  Royda Kavalinovich, April 2018

Absolutely wonderful experience. I took back so much wisdom for life and will be forever thankful. Such a beautiful person with beautiful vibes!  Bindy Kaur, June 2018

Wow! What a consultation I had with Fleur! By chance (well, is anything ever by chance?) I met Fleur in a clothing store a week before I was due to have major surgery. I knew in that moment she was put in front of me by the powers to be to help me with my fear around the looming deadline I was facing with cancer surgery. When I met with Fleur she got where I was coming from instantly…I could literally feel we weren’t alone in that room and she delivered her message with such strength and conviction! We worked with essences that where very powerful. I’ve been to many healers in my time but this was different, it was raw, it was real and I physically felt the effects of change. I went into surgery with fear but the energy attached to that fear gave no charge to my body and for that, Fleur, I couldn’t be more grateful! You certainly have been given a gift and for those that cross your path like I did you will get to share that magic. Thank you! Terry Connell, August 2017

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