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Fleur has a wonderful gift and is extremely insightful and spiritual. I have had several sessions and had essences, tarot readings and astrological readings. What I have found is that she has a skill in weaving all of the information together to provide coherent and relevant advice. I find her totally genuine and trustworthy and am happy to highly recommend her.   G Buchanan June 2018

Very impressed with both readings I have had with Fleur. Absolutely accurate both times. Awesome woman x   Royda Kavalinovich  April 2018

Wow! What a consultation I had with Fleur! By chance (well is anything ever by chance?) I met Fleur in a store a week before I was due to have major surgery. I knew in that moment she was put in front of me by the powers to be to help me with my fear around the looming deadline I was facing with bowel cancer surgery. When I met with Fleur she got where I was coming from instantly..I could literally feel we weren’t alone in that room and she delivered her message with such strength and conviction! we worked with plant essences that where very powerful. I’ve been to many healers in my time but this was different, it was raw, it was real and I physically felt the effects of change. I went into surgery with fear but the energy attached to that fear gave no charge to my body and for that Fleur I couldn’t be more grateful! You certainly have been given a gift and for those that cross your path like I did you will get to share that magic. Thankyou!!  Terry Connell August 2017

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Fleur through our studies. Not only has Fleur been a great support person through our studies, she has also offered intuitive guidance of great quality for my current situation. Bringing clarity and peace of mind with essences to aid me along on my journey. A wonderful gifted lady who I highly recommend. Bless. X   Maria Williams August 2017

I haven’t actually met this lady yet however I was given a message regarding my daughter through someone else. This related to something that she had asked late last year. No one other than immediate family (again who don’t know this lady) knew of the question or the details surrounding it however the message was about everything that occurred and an answer. Amazing lady and one day I will make it to the new location to meet her in person. xx  Mellissa Richardson July 2017

I’ve known Fleur for a few years now and am immensely grateful for the help I’ve received from her. She knows her stuff, provides great guidance, and is knowledgeable on a variety of healing topics. Her flower essences always deliver! I highly recommend Anam Cara to anyone who is in need of support and genuine caring. Thanks, Fleur! x  Tara Al-Sayed June 2017

Fleur is a very special and intuitive lady and she has helped me with my grief. Her flower essences work gently to help you release what you need to.  Jen Ustin October 2015

The sacred space Fleur holds for those of us who need guidance or emotional/spiritual release from time to time is a true blessing. Fleur is a very intuitive woman who has the ability to tune in and give some very profound insights where appropriate. I always feel very relaxed and able to communicate openly with Fleur. She is a woman of great integrity and I would recommend her without hesitation.   Anaia Barnett September 2015


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